ICGG2014 paper

August 22, 2014

The 16th International Conference on Geometry and Graphics has come and gone. I had a lot of fun, it was certainly very different from the usual software gigs I attend. This was a congregation of mathematicians and educators from all over the world (though mostly Central and Eastern Europe and the Far East) where most attendees were also presenting a paper or poster. The conferences I usually attend have at least a 1:20 ratio of speakers to audience. That hierarchy was entirely absent at ICGG, which was probably at least in part responsible for extreme levels of conviviality. At the conference dinner a lot of national groups sang songs from the homeland, and we even had the pleasure of hearing the Russian and Ukrainian delegates perform Moscow Nights together.

As promised and agreed with the conference organisers, I’m now making my paper available for download here. The paper is much more technical than the plenary lecture, dealing with the mathematical and algorithmic characteristics of generic solvers and fitness landscapes. During the talk I focused mostly on the graphical aspect of landscapes and how specific problem definitions result in specific landscape geometries/topologies. The Prezi for the lecture is of course also available, as are the files I used for the live demonstrations.

5 Responses to “ICGG2014 paper”

  1. Margherita Says:

    thanks for share docs!

  2. I was looking forward to this. Thanks for sharing all of the files, David. Personally, I appreciate your effort to go deeper into the backbone of computational tools.

    I have been wondering if you are familiar with Manuel Delanda’s theoretical work on phase spaces, genetic algorithms and the like.

  3. Thanks, David! I’ve been waiting for this since February!

  4. hkilter Says:

    I have seen your StackExchange post (http://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/158668/nice-scientific-pictures-show-off). Figures in that post are really interesting. By the way, my favorite is ‘Figure 7: Landscape with few discontinuities’ Thanks for sharing your paper. One quick question, you mentioned ‘proofread by K’ at the end of your paper, is it a tool or what? Thanks.

    • David Rutten Says:

      K charges by the hour, which I think disqualifies her as a tool. She prefers to use ‘K’ as a moniker as she doesn’t want her private life to be exposed through her professional persona.

      My favourite picture is; ‘Geometry of over-constrainedness’

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