Exit House

December 23, 2012

As of a week ago we learned that our house will probably get sold within the next few months. We need to move out and find a new place asap. Unfortunately this means no Christmas holiday for me this year (damn! I had a selection of books lined up I was hoping to read; The Particle at the End of the Universe, Last Call, The Stress of her Regard, The Singularity is Near & Evolutionary Algorithms in Theory and Practice).

No idea yet where to go, though we do have some constraints. A place where people speak halfway decent English, some place with decent winters and not too harsh summers, somewhere close to impressive Nature and close to but not inside too big a city. That should narrow it down…

In the meantime, why do Realtor websites so often suck? In some cases it’s not even possible to open new pages with different houses as these are not stored in separate urls. Of course that also means you cannot bookmark or share them. Un-fucking-believable. And that’s not even to mention the poor quality of photos and plan drawings for 95% of the properties. Realtors being so desperate for me to actually visit them and review the places in their office makes me very suspicious indeed.