Once upon a time I was an Architecture and Urbanism student at TUDelft. By the second year it was obvious I was never going to be a great architect so instead I started developing a parallel skill-set that at the time was rather new and exciting; programming. My third year was a disaster as all the time and effort that was supposed to be spend on reading books about globalization and monument and restoration law was instead spend on learning how to write RhinoScript. Nobody was teaching programming in 2003 at the Bouwkunde faculty, at least not in any meaningful fashion.

When it was time to pick a graduation topic I decided to try and combine programming with Urbanism, which was a bit of a tall order since both my programming and Urbanism skills were pretty much crap. Still, I found a teacher who was happy to supervise and spend the better part of two years locked in my room typing away on a thesis text + software. Eventually it all went sour when the faculty demanded I do a load of preliminary work as I had deviated from the standard track¬†while I was almost ready with the thesis as a whole. Not having the stomach for this sort of bureaucratic arm-wrestling I decided to leave TUDelft and start working for Robert McNeel & Associates (initially in Andy leBihan’s Finland based office) instead. Thus began my career in software development and thus ended my career in Architecture.

Yesterday while trawling through an old backup folder I found the semi-finished thesis. It has managed to survive two laptop hard disc crashes and just in case it won’t survive the third, here it is.