Europa Report, barely a quarter of an hour in.

September 30, 2013

Space ship, somewhere well on its way to Jupiter and they’re having a real-time discussion with Mission Control on Earth. WTF Hollywood? Who the hell makes a Sci-Fi film and then doesn’t hire someone with at least a high-school level understanding of physics to check the script for nonsense? There’s a 3 second delay just talking to someone on the Moon for Pete’s sake.

According to Rotten Tomatoes this film is:

Claustrophobic and stylish, Europa Report is a slow-burning thriller that puts the science back into science fiction.

Except for that thing about the speed of light I suppose… Why is it so difficult to make a decent Science Fiction movie when there are so many good Science Fiction books out there?

One Response to “Europa Report, barely a quarter of an hour in.”

  1. visose Says:


    The worst part by far was the ending. I’m not very demanding, but this is my criteria:

    – Fast paced action space movie with alien sea monsters and I have popcorn = good
    – Slow paced scifi movie with plausible tech given current understanding of science and and original take on alien life that evolved in another planet = good
    – Slow paced scifi with alien sea monsters = bad

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