Stuff myStuff = new Stuff();

May 26, 2013

I haven’t been posting much lately, reason being is that our life has taken a pretty significant turn. Since Christmas last year we’ve been looking for a new place to live. We finally found a nice little house in a quiet part of Tirol that’ll suit the three of us just fine. We have no idea yet how the cat will react to the local wildlife (should be mostly deer, foxes and hares), hopefully nothing untoward will happen.

House ourHouse = new House();

House ourHouse = new House();

None of us is a party animal and we’d much prefer to live amongst the trees than amongst the pubs. The place is somewhat on the small side for two people who both work from home, but we’ll make do.

One problem with living far away from centres of commerce is that we will need a car to get around. I don’t have a license yet but luckily K can serve as my chauffeur until I do. The house pretty much tapped all our savings but I think (read: hope) we’ve found something which will last us for the upcoming 5 years. It’s an early C220 CDI kombi model (2001), imported into Slovakia via Italy and owned by a succession of Mercedes dealership employees. We’ll be the fifth —and probably last— owners this car will ever have.

ICar hers = Mercedes.Create(220CDI);

ICar hers = Mercedes.Create(type.220CDI | type.Kombi);

Picture above from our first prolonged test-drive in the local mountains here. We had to pull over as apparently there was a bike race going on. Still, not a bad place to have a break. That’s Hotel Panorama on the ridge above us.

And lastly, we’ve also got a second cat. This wasn’t planned and we’re still hoping to find a new home for her before we drive to Austria next week. She showed up about a month ago on our window sill. Emaciated and scruffy. After a month or so with us she’s perked up a bit, though she is still very kittenish. Extremely social and hug-prone, but also a bit naughty so needs someone with firm hand who won’t shy away from smacking her over the head when she steals food.

Animal pet = furBall as Cat;

Animal pet = furBall as Cat;     //photo by K

After we’ve settled in I think I’ll be happy not having to make any major decision again for at least 3 years.

2 Responses to “Stuff myStuff = new Stuff();”

  1. Congrats :) Really nice place. Major decisions are a pain in the ass: we need a debugger for real life :P

  2. Wellcome to Austria David !

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