Architectural Design Magazine publication

October 23, 2012

There is going to be a special publication of Architectural Design Magazine with guest editors Xavier De Kestelier and Brady Peters. It will be called Computation Works; The Building of Algorithmic Thought and it will have contributions from all kinds of interesting people, yours truly included. I’m not entirely sure when it will be published but the author deadlines have since come and gone and my responsibility has ended. Obviously I won’t be posting the text here as that would be both silly and probably violate the copyright agreement (buy the magazine when it comes out!). I can however show you a few of the images I made as the copyright for those remains with me, AD magazine is merely allowed to use them as they see fit.

My article is about the theory behind generic solvers, but without a specific focus on Galapagos. It was unfortunately a bit short but they ended up accepting 1300 words, which was almost double my initial allowance.

I’ve been slowly rediscovering the joys of hand drawn graphics (as shown in one of my recent posts) and I definitely want to try and improve my line drawing techniques in the near future (especially the dotted shading is difficult to get right).

Also, here are some midnight cookies, the pattern reminds me of Smale’s Horseshoe.

One Response to “Architectural Design Magazine publication”

  1. Nice, I’ll be tuned. Your drawing skills look good. Don’t push yourself about dotted shading technique, it is really hard to master.

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