Culinary week

October 7, 2012

For some reason we ended up cooking something really nice every day for a while. To wit:

  • Tuesday and earlier: damned if I can remember.
  • Wednesday: Skillet fried goose-breast with rice, spring onions and steamed broccoli.
  • Thursday: Goose-legs in carrots, mushrooms, peeled oranges, honey and red wine (oven dish) with oven potatoes.
  • Friday: Pork sirloin in sweet ketjap-manis sauce with rice.
  • Saturday: Home-made curry paste with left over pork and veal meat, bulgur, freshly baked naan and yoghurt/coriander/mint/cucumber/garlic sauce.
  • Sunday: Chicken shoarma in wraps with fresh salad and the second half of the yoghurt sauce.

Halfway done with the Shoarma seasoning.

I wish I had good pictures of everything but we were too busy eating it. Now I’m going to have to talk girlfriend into making her awesome ribs again someday soon and I think I’ll try my hand at lasagna tomorrow.

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