Sugar and Spice

October 8, 2011

And now for something completely different. With the imminent arrival of girlfriend coming to stay with me until Christmas, I figured I’d better beef up my pastry skills as she’s way better at that than I am, and we obviously can’t have that. I’ve always been partial to cinnamon (up to the point of making cinnamon sauce for tenderloin) and found an absolutely fantastic recipe. It takes a bit of preparation, but most of that is spend leaving the dough alone so as long as you start baking in the morning you can have a lovely afternoon tea. Only down-side I found is that it does tend to get stale pretty quick, so ideally make it when you have guests.

I’m not going to reproduce the recipe here as it has already been documented to the point of perfection by Joy the Baker and here’s an alternate recipe by Zoom Yummy.

These pictures were taken three days ago, since then summer has disappeared and has been replaced swiftly and without error by snow.

Still life with pastry, tea and cat (cat's not moving much so it's technically a still life)

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